about us

Designed for comfort and simplicity

Why Kavita exist?

We believe life is not just black and white then why should our clothing be. We recognize people want to do good to Mother Earth but the lack of affordable options that are not basic makes it harder to contribute. Each person has a unique personality that should reflect on their style and we're here to accentuate it.

Designed in Canada and ethically made in India.

Each of our garments is personalized and unique, made of 100% cotton and eco-friendly dyes, to offer quality products that will save your time and money in the long run.

We aim to matter cohesively with Nature while encouraging traditional craftsmanship and making sure no unsafe or unfair means are being used to deliver beautiful products to your doorstep.

Here's to making a conscious choice to do good, look good and feel good by protecting the environment and humanity.


The Inspiration

“Kavita” my mother is the inspiration behind this brand and the most important influence on how I see fashion as an adult. Skilled in stitching, knitting and painting, she used to stitch clothes for me, my brother and all of my cousins.

When I joined the basketball team at school, I told my mum about the wrap skirt that all girls use to wear over shorts before the game. Recently, settled in a big city, I knew we were financially not that strong to afford this kind of fashion item. Looking at me, my mum said " Don't worry, I'll make you one".

After two days, I was heading out for my game, when she surprised me with a green printed skirt, a simple knee-length skirt with an elastic belt to allow me to wear and take it off fast ( not even close to that wrap and fancy skirt those girls had). Still, I wore it to the game realizing how much effort and time she has put into this skirt. Girls did laugh at me but I brushed it off easily as it was a special skirt for me, made for me!

My mum soon made a top/tunic of solid green colour with finer details to go with the skirt. When I first wore this set, all my neighbours, friends used to ask me where I get it from. Excited, I asked my mum to make more of this set in different colours for me to flaunt during summer vacation. Soon, all of my cousins and friends get it made for them and each piece was different from the other in prints or colour.

My first little trendy piece that made me realize that the real fashion lies in simplicity, comfort and care.


As they say, the most expensive thing in the world is Time and at Kavita, someone has invested their precious time for you, to make each garment special for you.

All our dresses are made by hand which takes 25 days from print to stitching 

Kavita was built on this premise and we will continue to thread this message into everything we do.

Namaste 🙏